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Radio - The Beat (USA, Waynesboro) listen online

Radio - The Beat (USA, Waynesboro) live online

(SA - Waynesboro) - The Beat (hip hop / R & B)

Radio station - The Beat (hip hop / R & B) is an online channel of an Internet station broadcasting a stream of popular music from the tourist town of Waynesboro, West Virginia, USA. Musical genres that specialize in ethereal content are performances of the cultural direction of hip hop, popular especially among young groups of listeners, compositions of vocal-instrumental and dance R & B.

Modern R & B is music that you can not not dance to, while completely relaxing and enjoying the sound. A new style of this trend appeared in 1980, and since that time successfully combines the latest elements of soul, funk, dance music. The so-called "urban music" has given worldwide fame to such artists as the legendary Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and many others, whose compositions can be listened to every day at - The Beat (hip hop / R & B) for free.

You can listen to the radio station - The Beat (hip hop / R & B) for free on a daily basis, at any convenient time. A station playlist is available around the clock, and if the listener misses his favorite song, it's easy to fix.

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